The starry journey of fitness icon Jamie Eason- a woman you don’t meet everyday

The cultural firmament of contemporary era’s fashion models is undergoing immense change. And time after time. It isn’t just about putting up a raunchy act together.

Crowd-pleasing happens. But it doesn’t become the way of life. Not when you are someone so special and successful like Jamie Eason.

At an age where comfortably, one is ought to think that he or she is beyond the peak of physical fitness, 41, Jamie Eason, it could be said is only beginning to get going.

No she isn’t worried about her age. It’s not too much. It’s just forty and an year odd, you know. There’s no slow numbing of the body, even as the real fact is, she isn’t some youthful, boisterously fluffy 20 or 3o something chick.

This is Jamie Eason- an alluring babe who is only beginning to get into the thick of things. She’s the perfect pinup girl, the ‘I will start the fitness schedule on Monday I promise’ Babe. The girl who is your current hot dream, the future aspiration as a would be , rather could-be wife or girlfriend. Not just a figure of envy. The swinging, happy go lucky and charmingly sassy model has attained the tag of being the fittest model of this time.

Jamie is hot. She knows it. She has sculpted an enormously arresting body at her age. She knows that too. But she’s more than just some hot blond strutting her stuff in a bikini- is what probably you and I haven’t known. At least, not till now.

A body-builder, fashion model, writer and television personality! No these aren’t randomly connected ‘join the dots’ presentation that comes to mind when you think of Jamie. It is actually a marvellous tale of going from one strength to the other.

Being just the same person, who painfully achieves pearls at the back of being magnificent but unrelenting. There is actually a lot about Jamie Eason that one doesn’t really get to know. Or feel. But exists as an all-encompassing truth out there.

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