Smoking 7 different kinds of smoke: witness the mind-blasting hotness of Angie Vu Ha, world’s sexiest DJ!

Music is the key to the heart. Much like a magic potion that opens the soul. It electrifies the mood and gives your feet some foot-tapping entertainment.

! All that said, often the very resourceful minds and talents responsible for it are forgotten and not elaborated upon.

Just the music survives. Only the beats remain. And the cacophony around life disturbed, the thrill exudes. Faces behind the music, the awe-inspiring magnetic creatures disappear into thin air.

Like vapour. Like melting ice. But these could actually be the very phrases that describe one of the most hot-looking creators of music, a one of a kind sound vibe that can neither be forgotten. Or be ignored.

Angie Vu Ha. One of the world’s most popular women DJ’s at the moment is no ordinary beauty. She’s also a natural in front of the shutterbugs. And an imposing element of sexuality and very timidly seductive physicality. Something you’d only fall instantly for, like a mouse in a trap with cheese in it.

An exotic Asian beauty- tall, agile, naturally charming and very diva-like- Angie Vu Ha is fast emerging as the face of a globe-trotting DJing industry and of the thrills and fanfare that a very volcanically eruptive and utterly competitive spectre carries.

That said, given Angie’s eternal hotness, she’s also become an important Playboy playmate of late. Her gait, mannerisms, musical talent and ability to convey a context of lucid sexuality has made Angie a face of modelling.

With such an impressive resume and glittery professional exuberance, there’s no surprise as to why the lanky Asian beauty is fast becoming a household spectre in not just the West but here, in the heart of Asia. While the phrase destiny favours the brave is common, given Angie Vu Ha’s talent- it won’t be wrong to start name-calling like- beauty favours the eternally blessed.

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