Skydiving instructor displays immense skill and reflexes to save toddler from falling

Life is about acting right on time. You would have heard this many a times. At the same time, life is also about acting right at that crucial interval of time when things can get complicated and fall out of hand.

At the same time, it is about enabling a certain movement from the mind that triggers enough stimulus action from the physical lair to exhibit key function.

Perhaps staying uniquely true to this idea about acting right on time, rather at the spur of a moment, a noted skydiver in the heart of the USA helped a toddler.

In what could’ve been a rather daft or minor looking but fatal head-on collision for a young toddler at Houston’s iFly Indoor Skydiving facility, a brave American, Skydiving instructor, Jesse Tex saved an innocent just when it had seemed to have lost balance and was about to crash land on the ground surface of the above mentioned training facility.


Just when it could have been nearly dangerous enough for a young life to end rather freakishly, the young skydiving instructor did enough to catch hold of the disbalanced kid and held him long enough and well enough to save that young life. Incredible skills, as some would say.

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