See What Happens After People Have Eating Disorders

There is something that is not right when you look at the girl on the left, it is apparent that she is way underweight. We are glad to see she finally got over her self-image issues.

The starved-looking woman on the left had her self confidence smashed by a mentally abusive boyfriend, but she dumped him and the eating disorder and found a keeper.

An eating disorder consumes not only a beautiful girl’s looks, it also consumes her entire daily thinking process. When the enxiety fades away happiness is much easier to achieve.

By the looks of this guy he was living a rough style and potentially had more than an eating disorder, but it is clear that he recovered and is now living healthy.

We can only assume there is a pregnant belly in the lower half of this photo, that is usually the case with these classy photo shoots. That is a far cry from the walking skeleton she used to be.

Girls who have eating disorders cannot see themselves as skinny no matter how many pounds they lose, but they are mistaken from the git-go. Guys do not want skinny, they want fit or even curvalicious.

A skinny, gaunt face brings one emotion to the mind and body: pity. That is not a good emotion for anyone to feel, and the girl on the right look genuinely happy, full face and all.

Not having a normal stream of food in your body deprives one of the energy to do average things, especially running. She is running now, and nobody can stop her.

This is not the most extreme case, but it is clear this woman has embrace the positive side of life without depriving herself of a healthy meal.

We cannot stand looking at a body that looks deprived of food. Everybody loves food, you cannot live a happy life without it. Eating disorders suck!


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