PewDiePie Hit 50 Million Subscribers Today, What Is The Secret Behind His Success?

“Hows it goin bros, my name is PewDiePie.” You are lying if you say you didn’t read that in Felix’s voice. Yes the famous or rather infamous YouTuber hit 50 million subscribers today. His subscribers or as he calls them”the bro-army” has been with him from the beginning. He is the richest youtuber in the world and the most subscribed YouTube channel ever.PewMoneyAlthough all is not hunky-dory with the humorous nerd some of us love and others love to hate. Though he is the most watched YouTuber on the planet with his total views reaching a whooping 5 billion, there are a lot of people who hate his guts and use every available opportunity to slander him. For the sake of full disclosure, I am a fanboy, sono bu*thurt intended to the haters.

What makes this man so successful , well here are a few things which I believe cause such massive feelings of love and hate for Felix._87705549_gettyimages-494848194

He Is Who He Is

Felix is a scottish living in London and creating content in a large variety of genres. Ranging from reactions to vlogging, from gameplays to pranks. He says what he feels, he has cried on camera, calls his content $hitty, has been scared out of his wits and didn’t edit it out made jokes about things others wouldn’t dare say. That I believe makes people like him even more.0C7848721B1093536520331243520_2df43a3fb0b.0.4

Loyalty To Marzia

Ever since the beginning of the channel when Felix used to play games and not show his face on screen, he mentioned his girlfriend Marzia. From the time when he was nothing to now that he is the biggest YouTube celebrity on the planet, he has been with Marzia and have always gone strong. That makes people like him. His loyalty and love for the girl.downloadEdgar

Yes. I believe that Edgar is a big reason for his success. Even though he says that Edgar is the Satan he loves the little guy. His struggles with a pet which he shares to his viewers as he faces it makes him a more relatable celebrity to the masses.maxresdefaultLove For What He Does

Felix has always loved what he did. He embraced the hate and loved the fans. His haters are successful because their videos get views because of PewDiepie. No matter who uses his videos he does not strike that person’s channel, something that almost never happens. This makes people like him more.poor-pewds-o-sThese were a few reasons which i feel contribute to PewDiePie’s tremendous success. Until next time*brofist*pewdiepie-brofist


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