Joylato: Did you know of this ice-cream from Europe inspired by ‘Spiritualism’?

Wow, ice-cream and spiritualism! Now that is something like a snippet of divine offering from another planet, you’d think? But truth be told, in the heart of Europe- in good old charming Iceland, a new ice-cream flavour has hit consumers for its spiritual quotient.

And in this magnificent bit of news, people are rejoicing the delectable taste of everyone’s favourite desert just as much as absorbing a spiritual slice of life.

Joylato- simply, add happiness and peace to your regular slice of ice-cream is being incessantly written about in European and world-wide media. Here’s the thing that has caught everyone’s attention about the delightful new gourmet.

This simple looking nitrogen-fuelled ice cream (for liquifying the ice cream) is actually world’s most popular ‘Organic’ ice cream that is available right now.

Here’s the truth about all ice creams, unless you run into exceptions. Most ice creams are inorganic and non-vegan in the sense that they are composed of either refined sugar, chemicals or extracts that are as sinfully delightful albeit purely additive as they could be. But with Joylato, firmly placed in global media firmament as a completely vegan version of ice-cream- there’s a bit of everything. Including- locally sourced organic vegan elements plus, it comes with some fine taste minus any externally source additives.

In Iceland’s ebb lies a dessert parlour, therefore- that is giving people a lot to ‘lick’ about. No corn syrup. No extra sugar. Just pure, ‘holy’ taste of everything made from scratch- vegan base, including- cashew or coconut. The ice-cream is actually soured from a farm; a dairy farm from West Iceland.

The Joylato staff source everything naturally, blending stuff specially for orders. So there’s a safe remittance from stuff that goes waste, often dying in the day waiting for claimers. And here’s the most fascinating stuff. The idea being Joyalot stems from an Indian spiritual guru, Shri Chinmoy, in whose philosophy the idea for a natural ice cream stemmed from.

An ice-cream whose taste fetched eaters- childlike joy and unrelenting happiness, a way of life that inarguably can only come from peace within, often earned through meditation minus external miscreants (elements like temper, fight, enmity, )- was the big idea. And that now seems fully attained. What a brilliant stroke of creative wonderment, isn’t it?

And, in hindsight, if you think about it- what did the great Buddha say? You tend to become what you think. Similarly, you might as well become what you eat eh mister?

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