Bodybuilding mantras you’d learn from Arnold and Franco- gym companions for over 4 decades

If you treat your body well, it treats you well, in return. T*t for tat can often have different connotations in life. Don’t you think?

But if you build, sculpt your body well, it makes a well of fitness and long-lasting health out of you. In case you are wondering who personifies this the best then one of the most evocative examples could be long time friends and fitness companions from Europe.

Former California governor and Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. And Italian author, bodybuilder, writer, former Mr Olympia winner, Franco Colombu.

Apart from working out and working out relentlessly, within the mechanical premises of their choicest place of worship- the gym, not just an exercise centre rather a temple for them given both legends’ tremendous consistency, Arnold and Franco Columbu became the poster boys of California’s beach bodybuilding culture. Ever heard of the concept of natural gym? It’s often a popular culture, or sport muscle bodybuilding’s byline in describing working out in the open. Schwarzenegger and Columbo should be thanked for popularising the idea, upon their joint practices in USA and England.

Constantly exploring new ways to lift weights, the most brutal, relentless albeit essential part of bodybuilding, Arnold and Franco have motivated each other for nearly 4 decades now. And are still going strong. Even though, theirs aren’t the youthful bodies anymore.

The fervour, the will and the desire to continue, despite being past their prime, though, continues to richly shine through both the Austrian who turned out to be a mega successful movie actor and the Italian who scaled peaks in bodybuilding in the years to follow. But what’s stood out as a rather impressive and innovative technique in both Arnold and Franco’s life will make you excited and think differently about bodybuilding.

The ability to follow the basics is the key. Whether its nutrition, workout technique.  The expensive, flurry of elements like footwear of gym gear? They help. But aren’t deciding factors. Not as much as how your 5 sets of bench press at 180 kg’s would help to sculpt an Olympians’ body. Not how running miles- say 4 or 3, depending on your calibre- across the Venice Beach in California would do to help you train. And train better. Treadmill necessarily alone won’t do. Even as for most of us, it’s a godsend.

Both Arnold and Franco have, in the past and, continue to, in the present reflect on the need to constantly motivate the other person, your partner. In this one, the partner in crime, inside the mechanical reflexive called a gym. Having first met, years before at Munich, Germany to instantly developing a mutual admiration which later turned into a buddy affair over bodybuilding. Positive thoughts, engaging chatter, not banter, being regular and above all- resilient- in workouts and food habits have helped Arnold and Franco to turn around a corner. A big one at that. In their lives and the journeys that followed. As one went ahead to rise as Hollywood’s Terminator. And the other rose to global fame as Mr. Olympia- 1976, 1981, whilst Schwarzenegger had already done that earlier in 1980.

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